Investor Education

We strive to keep our investors informed on financial topics of interest, as well as changes in the regulatory environment. Two websites that provide up-to-date information are the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB).

Additionally, more specific articles can be found below on a variety of relevant financial topics.

      • Talking With Loved Ones About Money: A Financial Guide – Perhaps the hardest part about having a discussion about money with your adult children or your elderly parents is starting it. And that’s understandable. For many people, talking about money is just not comfortable. For others, it can stir up powerful, sometimes buried, emotions. Read more»
      • Guide to Financial Protection for Older Investors: Important Information You Should Be Aware Of – Prior to purchasing in any investment product or service, it is important that you fully think about your unique needs and overall financial situation in order to determine whether the investment or service is right for you. Financial products and services offer many different risks and benefits, and before you invest you should understand the features of each and how they may affect your financial condition. Read more»

      • Elder Financial Abuse Red Flags: Know the Signs and Symptoms -This document includes a checklist that highlights behaviors and actions that may hint at financial abuse or exploitation of an older individual. If you, a relative or neighbor seems to need help, don’t remain silent. Talk with other family members, friends or professionals in your community – and enlist help. Read more»

      • Investing for Rising Interest Rates: Strategies for Fixed-Income Investors – Rising interest rates can have a significant negative effect on the value of fixed-income investments because interest rates and bond prices move in opposite directions – in other words, as interest rates move up, bond prices can fall in value. In this guide, we detail strategies that fixed-income investors can use if they are concerned about rising interest rates. Read more»