"We’ve always maintained that we’re large enough to serve our clients’ needs and small enough to know them personally."
- John D. Peterson, Chairman of the Board

Calculators & Tools

The more you know about investing, the better equipped you’ll be to achieve your financial goals. Our financial calculators can help you start planning now.


Other Online Financial Tools:

Path to Investing. This is a great site for learning about the many facets of investing, taking you on guided trips to learn about the workings of the stock market, the Federal Reserve, and even how to create a personal financial plan.

The Stock Market GameInvest your hypothetical $100,000 in a real-time portfolio. You think you’re playing a game—but you’re actually learning economic and financial concepts you can use for the rest of your life.

Indiana Investment Watch. This State of Indiana website will raise your understanding about investing. This site is designed to educate the public and thwart scam artists and perpetrators of fraudulent sales pitches.

FINRA. This site offers an excellent glossary for investors and an online learning center entitled Smart Bond Investing, with a wealth of information about bonds as well as easy-to-access real-time corporate and municipal bond prices and the day’s most active corporate bonds.